Rush: Trump Was Set Up By CNN In Pre-Interview on Birther Issue

This Via  So I finally figured what the purpose of the pre-interview is twofold.  One is what happened to Trump here, set you up, set you at ease that something you may not want to discuss isn’t gonna be.  You start the interview thinking you’re not gonna be talking about it and then they spring it on you. And the second thing is to find out what really ticks you off. 

    They start asking questions or they make comments and depending on how in the pre-interview you react to it, is how you’re going to be asked about it if at all during the actual appearance on the show.  But the pre-interview is never about actually assisting the guest or the host in finding something to talk about that would make a good segment.  It’s not that.  It’s all trickery. It’s all deceit.

Watch Full CNN Segment:

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