RUSH: Trump Was Right On Abortion Question, But Politically Wrong

RUSH: Here’s Nancy in Petoskey, Michigan.  Great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.

RUSH:  Hey.

CALLER:  Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH:  You bet.  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  Longtime listener.  Thank you for what you do.  My comment is this.  Donald Trump had that interview with Chris Matthews last night.  He was kind of pounded on it.  And he ended up saying something to the effect that he believes women should be accountable for having an abortion and should be, you know, not jailed for it, but held accountable.  And there was a big backlash not only from Ted Cruz and John Kasich, but from everyone.  And my feeling is this.  If abortion is considered to be illegal, assuming that’s the situation, if a woman has an abortion, chooses to have an abortion, why shouldn’t she be held accountable, why shouldn’t she —

RUSH:  See, you’re being literal here, and that’s not what’s being called for.  You’re right.  Matthews created a hypothetical, and the premise was, when he asked Trump, “Would you punish the woman, if abortion’s illegal –”  What he meant, if you Republicans, if you dastardly, if you wicked Republicans, if you ever succeed in making abortion illegal, do you want to punish the woman?”  That was the premise of the question.  So your literal interpretation is exactly right.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  And so your point is, hey, if —

CALLER:  My point is why would he walk it back?  He was given that premise.  I think he did the right thing.  It really made me think about it.  I never thought about it.  I always assume the woman is always the innocent victim.

RUSH:  The woman is always — the woman is always, in abortion —

CALLER:  The baby’s the victim, though.  That’s the problem.

RUSH:  No, the baby is an unviable tissue mass.  The woman’s the victim, pregnancy is an illness, whatever it has to be.  I’m not trying to be funny, and I’m not exaggerating.  This is the politics of it.  You’re right, I mean, if you want to get straight down common sense brass tacks, yeah.  If we ever come to the point where abortion’s illegal and Trump walked it back because the woman politically cannot be responsible.  The woman cannot be punished.  That is the equivalent of male dominated chauvinism, sexism, whatever.  So Trump walked it back and then tried to say that the abortion doctor would then be held accountable for this.

CALLER:  But when as a society are we gonna step up and say it’s the innocent baby who’s being who’s being victimized the most, if you have to determine what degree.

RUSH:  There are some organizations that attempt, the Catholic Church attempts that.  In a purely biological sense, you’re absolutely right, but politically that’s a nonstarter.  When abortion is being discussed in a political context, which it always is now, nobody’s ever gonna score points by playing the logic that you have applied here.

CALLER:  But do you think he did the right thing in walking it back?

RUSH:  No.  I think he did the predictable thing.  I don’t think Trump spends two seconds thinking about any of this.  He has to because he’s in politics on now.  He’s seeking the presidency.  These are things that the Democrat Party is always gonna try to use to define their enemy, their opponents and to categorize them as demons and as villains, so he’s gotta be prepared for it.  In the real world he probably is pro-life, but this is not something that that occupies a lot of his attention during the day.  He’s focused on different things.

He’s an outsider.  I mean, I would think the people who support him for being an outsider would fall back on that.  This argument you’re making, you know where it really comes to a head is in the case of rape or incest.  Even in that circumstance, it isn’t the baby’s fault, right?  But you don’t dare say that.  You can’t survive saying that in the political context of the subject today.  Anyway, I appreciate that, Nancy, very much.

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