RUSH: Trump Trying To Reach Out And Say Things That Resonate With Leftists

RUSH: It’s clear to me that Trump is using the occasion these debates now to reach beyond the Republican base.  The difference between him and Jeb, is he’s not trying to ignore the Republican base, and he’s not trying to inflame it.  He’s trying to add to it.  I think that’s what his comments about Planned Parenthood are.  I think’s what this, and various aspects of Obamacare, you know, when he slipped up and said he was in favor of the mandate.  He had to walk that back.  I think Trump is actually trying to upset the electoral map.

I think he’s trying to turn states that are blue into red states, such as Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.  I think he’s doing it by saying things that are intriguing to people on the left.  And you have to admit here, folks: When it comes to the Middle East, there are a lot of liberals that hate Israel.  That may be too strong.  There are a lot of leftists who are not automatically on Israel’s side.  There are a lot of leftists, many Jewish leftists in Hollywood who equate Israel with us in the sense that we are the Big, Bad Wolf.

We are the big, bad majority, and we’ve had our way.  And we’ve been running around stomping on small people and little people and minorities, and it’s about time we found out what it was like.  The Palestinians are the equivalent of a victim group in this country.  The Palestinians are victims of Israel, just like homosexuals or transgenders or women are victims of American majorities: Republicans, white men, what have you.  And I think that Trump…

And, remember, he’s from New York. This culture, the leftist culture is not a stranger to him.  I think that he’s shooting wide here.  I think it offends people because these are Republican primary debates.  The assumption is that you’re going to target the Republican base and then after you secure the nomination, that’s when you sort of move. According to the conventional wisdom rule, that’s when you moderate. That’s when you move left.  And Trump, I think, is getting a head start on that.  That’s what I think is going on.

Because you have to know that saying things like, “It serves no purpose to say that you have a good guy and a bad guy in the Middle East,” I guarantee you Trump does not look at it that way in the way he lives his business life.  He doesn’t. He’s trying to reach out and say things that will resonate with leftists.  I think that’s what the Planned Parenthood thing’s all about.  And I can be wrong. He may actually like Planned Parenthood.  I don’t know.  Either way, he’s not taking the standard, ordinary conservative or Republican position on these things.

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