RUSH: Trump ‘TRIPLED DOWN’ On Every Theme Of His Campaign At Inaugural Address

RUSH: One of two things is gonna happen after today’s inaugural address, ’cause if there was any hope on the part of the establishment that Trump was gonna moderate — that all of this up to now has just been theoretical for his base voters and that now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road.

“Now that it’s time for the pedal to hit the metal. Trump is going to do what the only intelligent thing is to do, and that’s become one of us, include us and take our advice.” That is not happening. If anything, Donald Trump tripled down today on every theme of his campaign. So we’re just gonna have to wait and see. One of two things is gonna happen. The establishment is either going to, for self-preservation, do what they can to tag along or try to undermine. And, frankly, folks, I’m gonna vote for try to undermine.

And that’s not a new prediction. And it’s not the result of a new train of thought. I don’t know how often most of you had a chance to listen during the campaign.


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