RUSH: Trump Supporters Want Press Secretary That SNL Can’t Make Fun Of

RUSH: There’s a press briefing scheduled to have happened 10 minutes ago. It hasn’t started yet. The Drive-Bys with waiting with bated breath to see who comes out and who does the briefing. Will it be Scaramucci and will Scaramucci be combative? Will Scaramucci tell the press corps to go to hell? Something like that. It won’t be Scaramucci. It will probably be Sarah Sanders, whoever. But the point is, this is a great illustration, because I would be very confident in saying that well over 75% of the American public doesn’t care.

It’s not something controversial to them. It’s not troubling to them. It doesn’t indicate anything’s wrong. They’re not panicked about it. They’re not worried about it. Including Trump’s supporters. In fact, if I had to wager I’d say a majority of Trump supporters are happy about it. Nothing against Spicer, but Trump supporters want people that can be able to speak for Trump — proudly, unabashedly — and Trump supporters don’t… (sigh) Well, I’ll stop. I’m not dumping on Spicer. I like Spicer a lot, and I don’t want anything I’m saying to be construed as dumping on Spicer. (interruption)

So now you want to know what I was gonna say, huh? Let me try it this way. I just… (interruption) Look, you know me. I just tell you what I think, if it’s problematic (audio glitch). I think your average Trump supporter wants a press secretary Saturday Night Live cannot make fun of, lampoon, discredit, and all that. Am I wrong about that? (interruption) You mean Trump supporters don’t know what Saturday Night Live does? (interruption) So it’s not…? (interruption) Okay. So I’m wrong about that.

Trump supporters do not care that Saturday Night Live makes fun of Trump and Trump people because it’s always gonna…? (interruption) Okay. Well, bottom line is… (interruption) the bottom line is that whatever they think — and I could very well be wrong. They’re not thinking it’s deeply meaningful. (interruption) They are not waiting with… (interruption) Who wants to clean the president’s clock? (interruption) Right. That’s… (interruption) That’s… (interruption) Okay, that’s another way of saying it.

Trump supporters want a press secretary that’s gonna take it right back to the press and send them out of that room on their tails every day. If that’s what they get, they’ll be happy with it.




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