RUSH: Trump Should Show Up At Debate With A SURGICAL MASK!

RUSH: Here’s another bite totally unrelated.  It’s Jeff Zeleny.  Turns out to be another CNN reporter, formerly of the New York Times, and this was on their Newsroom program this morning, and he is explaining the objectives and the goals of the Clinton campaign as it relates to her health.

ZELENY:  Hillary Clinton is going to leave her home in Chappaqua today in just a couple hours or so and return to the campaign trail.  The Clinton campaign knows that it has some ground to make up after she’s been off the road for a couple days.  So she’ll be going to Greensboro, North Carolina — one of those key battleground states — and then on to, uh, Washington, DC, for a speech tonight.  With that first debate some 11 days away, the top priority for the Clinton campaign I’m told is to keep their candidate healthy for that night for that first debate.

RUSH:  Whoa.  Now, stop and think about that for a second.  “The objective of the Clinton campaign … is to keep their candidate healthy” for 11 days.  Right there it was on CNN.  That’s the objective.  Yep, they gotta keep her healthy for 11 days.  It must be a tall order.  It must be a very challenging objective here, if it’s make news that their objective is to keep her healthy for 11 days.  It maybe sounds like they’re not sure they can do it?

By the way, what does the campaign have to do with keeping her healthy?  How does the campaign keep her healthy?  Does it mean limit her time in public?  Does it mean make sure she stays in bed a certain number of hours every day?  Does it mean limiting her travel?  What does it mean?  If I were Trump, you know what I would do in the first debate?  I’d show up wearing a surgical mask.  Well, I mean, if she’s got pneumonia and they’re saying it’s noncontagious, and I’m Trump, I’ll show up in a surgical mask.

Just saying, “Hey, I want to protect myself.  They say it’s noncontagious, but I can’t take the chance.”  Oh, I’m kidding.  I know what they would do with him.


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