RUSH: Trump May Be The Most MASTERFUL Media President We’ve Ever Had

RUSH: Let me squeeze a call from Las Vegas. Linda, I’m glad you called. What do you think’s going on with all of this?

CALLER: Well, Rush, so great to be on your show. Thank you. I have a theory. So, one thing that Donald Trump is, is that he’s pretty much a master at managing the media. And some would say manipulating, but I think managing. And I think what is happening is he is playing a little bit of wag the dog here and something else is going on. Sessions is — well, he made that big announcement today about criminal charges, but there’s gotta be something else going on. It may not even be about Sessions, but something that he doesn’t want the media focusing on. He’s working on something, they’re focused on this silliness. In the meantime, he’s getting something else done.

RUSH: So you think that there’s actually something that Trump is working on that he wants everybody to miss because Trump’s got ’em focused on what’s gonna happen to Sessions. So while everybody’s looking over, something we don’t know about is being hatched by Trump and his team in the White House. Well, it’s a distinct possibility.

I don’t care what the left wing or the Drive-Bys say, she’s right, Trump may be the most masterful media president we’ve had. Now, you might disagree ’cause you think the coverage he gets is negative, but I’m gonna ask you something. Every day is the news ever about anything but him? You go try that. You try to become the sole focus of the entire American journalism profession 24/7 for seven months in a row. Not anybody else could do this.



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