RUSH: Trump Is The Only Possibility Of Wresting Control Of America Back From The Upper Class

RUSH: The New York Times cannot cause Trump supporters to abandon him.  Paul Ryan can’t make it happen; Marco Rubio can’t make it happen; Ted Cruz can’t make it happen.

There’s two reasons why.  The first is that only Trump can damage himself.  It’s the old philosophy.  None of these people made Trump.  The New York Times didn’t make Trump.  All these other establishment types.  Trump’s not where he is because he’s been heralded and promoted and had a lot of buzz.  Trump built this relationship with his supporters himself.  He’s the only one that can tear it asunder.

But there’s a second more important reason.  Trump’s supporters are not gonna abandon him.  They’re not gonna let go of him because of what he represents.  In one sense, he’s a vessel.  He is the only, after repeated efforts, he’s the only possibility of wresting control of the country back from the upper class that has seized it and at the same time has stopped working for all Americans.  That’s what Trump represents here.  And a lot of people who think this is a personality cult also misunderstand what’s going on here.

And at the root of this misunderstanding — and do not doubt me on this — is the arrogant condescension that the ruling class for average, ordinary Americans.  That’s the root of this misunderstanding.  Not hard to understand when it’s explained to you.  You know, we hear terms like “flyover country” thrown around.  But, you know, after a while the people that live in flyover country, they begin to understand what it really means.  That’s a put-down.  It’s not just a joke.  It’s an actual put-down.  It’s the part of the country you don’t want to live.  It’s the part of the country you don’t want to be in except unless it’s an accident.

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