RUSH: Trump Is Going To Put His MUSCLE Behind Defeating Conservatives

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RUSH: A quick question, ladies and gentlemen, right to you from the EIB Network. Should a Democrat, any Democrat, now praise President Trump’s good judgment for bashing the House Freedom Caucus? Should that happen? Because that’s what President Trump has done. President Trump and Paul Ryan have gone public with their fight against the Freedom Caucus.I was telling Mr. Snerdley mere moments ago, “I know I predicted this. I know I did.”

It was last week. It had to be a week ago today or maybe a week ago tomorrow, but I warned everybody when this bill went down tubes. In fact, it was… The bill didn’t go down the tubes while we were on the air. It went down the tubes on a Friday about a half hour after the program, a week ago tomorrow it went down the tubes, but I remember it was last Thursday or Friday. It probably was last Friday. I warned everybody where this was gonna lead was Trump seeking out the Democrats, if Trump couldn’t get what he wanted with the Republicans.

I know I did, because I was talking about this. In the Democrats, we have two factions. We have the whole caucus and the Congressional Black Caucasians, and that’s it. On the Republican side, we have the whole House caucus, but then we’ve got the Tuesday Group, the Wednesday morning group, the Thursday night group, the Freedom Caucus. We got all those disparate groups there, and very rarely are they unified. The Democrats are unified because the Congressional Black Caucasians go along with whatever the majority of the House wants.

I mean, it’s very rare that the Congressional Black Caucasians oppose the Democrat leadership. And I pointed out that if Trump wants to get things done, and it’s Republicans, whoever it is — the Freedom Caucus, the Wednesday group, the Thursday group — if they are perceived to be the reasons that his agenda is stalled, he’s gonna turn to the Democrats. I know I warned people about this. And now that’s what he’s saying he’s gonna do, and the New York Times is all happy. The New York Times says he should do it. He should go work with the Democrats.

And Paul Ryan says (whispering), “I don’t think he should work with the Democrats.” But the New York Times says (shouting), “I think he should work with the Democrats!” Paul Ryan (muttering), “I — I — I don’t think so.” Well, right there it is. “Trump: ‘We Must Fight’ Hard-Line Conservative Freedom Caucus in 2018 Midterm Elections.” You know what this means? It means Trump is going to put his muscle behind defeating conservatives in the House of Representatives because he believes they betrayed him on the health care bill, and I know that’s what the media is writing.

And that’s what the establishment Republicans believe. But everybody hates the conservatives. But I’m telling you: It was not the conservatives that sandbagged that bill.


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