RUSH: Trump Is Being Turned Into One Of The ‘Most Powerful Presidents In Modern Times’

RUSH: They say in politics that perception is reality. Well, if so, if perception is reality, then the Drive-By Media with their two-year campaign designed to diminish and destroy Donald Trump may be doing just the opposite. He’s still there. Just now he lands in Miami, and he’s gonna reverse Obama’s decisions on Cuba. And Fox News has got a panel discussion going. “Oh, no! Oh, no! Is this further evidence that Trump is unraveling the Obama legacy?” Yes, it is. And they hate that.

Obama was God. Obama was untouchable. You could not criticize Obama. Obama was perfect. In their worldview, he was perfection, the only perfect human on earth. Donald Trump, of course, pales. Yet here comes this reprobate pig, and he’s unraveling the Obama agenda and legacy step by step by step. The hatred, the raw, sewage-like hatred from these people is so real you can smell it. These people are turning Donald Trump into one of the most powerful American presidents in modern times. They had better think seriously about their tactics and about their purpose here, because I don’t think they are actually accomplishing what they think they are having great success with.



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