RUSH: Trump Hasn’t Done DIDDLY SQUAT Compared To Harvey Weinstein


RUSH: Trump hasn’t done diddly-squat compared to Harvey Weinstein. Trump is nowhere near Harvey Weinstein’s league. Trump hasn’t done anything remotely close to what Harvey Weinstein knowingly did and for which he was excused for all of these years. Somebody did a survey of a number of years of Oscar ceremony broadcasts, and they found that over a long period of time… I forget the number of years. I think it’s at least 10, maybe 14 years. In examining acceptance speeches of Oscar winners, Harvey Weinstein was thanked more than God.

I mean, he was a thug, he was a pig, he was powerful, he was a bully, and everybody was afraid of him and was sucking up to him and did everything they could to try to make sure Harvey never got mad at them. But all that time people were seething that he was getting away with it, and nobody had the guts to come out and say it. A couple of women did, but they were ignored. So now the comparisons are on between Trump and Harvey Weinstein, and there aren’t any comparisons to Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein.

And, yes, they both are New Yorkers and Saturday Night Live is routinely engaged in trying to destroy Donald Trump.


RUSH: Folks, this is not about hypocrisy. The left never is held accountable on their hypocrisy anyway, no matter how blatant — and this is as blatant an example or case of hypocrisy as you can get. They’re trying to compare now Trump to Weinstein. There’s a big difference here. Donald Trump talked. Donald Trump talked the talk with some host at NBC coming out of a trailer — and interestingly, Trump was talking about what celebrities like Weinstein could get away with simply because they’re celebrities. But Trump? There’s no record of Trump doing any of this. Trump can’t hold a candle to Weinstein in this regard. Weinstein walked the walk.

All Trump was doing was talking about the very kind of behavior that is permitted when celebrities are involved. But hypocrisy is not… I mean, there’s plenty of it, but that’s not what this is about. What this is about is plain and simple: The abuse of women, the mistreatment of women that was ignored and tolerated — and, in some quarters, laughed at and applauded. “Hey, man, great work if you can get it. Hey, Harvey, way to go, bud! Hey, Harvey, way to get away with this.” Harvey had his supporters.

Harvey had lots of women in Hollywood who owed him a lot, they believed, and they got silent, and they stayed silent.



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