RUSH: Trump Has Pulled Off An AMAZING Number Of Achievements Already

RUSH: If I wanted to go down a list-by-list item, Trump said this during the campaign, yep, check that off, done that, said this, done that, said this, I could go through about 75% of the things Trump promised to do he’s already addressed, and in one way or another, you could make the case that he has begun the work and is on the way to having those things accomplished.

Now, I imagine saying that there are many people, “That’s crazy. Are you watching the news? Trump’s not getting anything done. I mean, Trump is being sidetracked, he’s being diverted. I mean, Trump, the judges are stopping him, Trump hasn’t got anything done, Trump’s embarrassing, Rush.” How many of you think that? I imagine a lot of you do. It’s hard not to be in the media jail. It’s hard to escape it.

But I’m here to tell you that Trump has pulled off an amazing number of achievements already. Getting his cabinet confirmed and some of the things that they’re doing. The jobs that have been created, the factories that have not moved; there’s any number of things here that he said he was gonna do that have been done.

And right now you’d be hard-pressed to find a full-fledged failure. That’s why everybody’s paying so much attention to repeal and replace Obamacare, ’cause they’re hoping that this blows up in Trump’s face. And I still maintain that the people in Washington, media, establishment, think tanks, still do not know how to analyze, watch, observe, deal with Donald Trump. We shall see.


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