RUSH: Trump Dossier Is NOT Opposition Research, It’s The Manufacture Of Complete BS

RUSH: You know, right before the end of the first hour, Snerdley made a good point. He said, “You need to stop calling it…” Well, he didn’t say it this way, but this is what he meant. “You need to stop calling it ‘opposition research’ because ‘opposition research’ can be genuine. It’s the investigation of stuff that’s true about somebody that they’ve been trying to hide, and you find it and release it at an opportune time,” and that’s true.

I mean, there are countless examples of it, but a great example of opposition research that almost worked was the Bush DUI on the eve, the Friday before the election in 2000. The Bush family obviously, you get a DUI and if it doesn’t get public at the time, fine. You hope it stays hidden. The Democrats found it, and they saved it, and they used it. I think it was the Friday before the election. You know, not enough time — not much time — for a response. I’ll tell you what.

Opposition research is the Trump/NBC/Access Hollywood video. NBC News had that for how many years? They had it for how many years? They would never use that until… I’m sure they never had any intention of ever using it. In fact, I’ll betcha what happened on that, they have the videotape of Trump’s appearance on the show, and it’s somewhere in the archives, long forgotten, and then years later Trump runs for president, and somebody at NBC said, “Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I remember, we’ve got something somewhere.

“Trump’s talking about something somewhere.” So they search for it, and they find it in their archives. NBC didn’t use it. They gave it to the Washington Post. Remember? The Washington Post broke the story on the Trump Access Hollywood video. That’s another example of opposition research. That’s not what this is. This is not opposition research. This is just the manufacture of complete BS. This is total, front-to-back, top-to-bottom, beginning-to-end lies — and they were paid for it. This was a scheme that was hatched by the Clintons and the Democrat National Committee.



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