RUSH: In the past, I have made a point of pointing out that Donald Trump is not ideological. Now, to me, that means more than he’s not just conservative or liberal. But I guess I’m gonna need to add to that. When I say he’s not ideological — and I’ll explain that again — he’s not a conservative, and he’s not a liberal. He knows what both things are. It’s just not how he looks at the world, and it’s not how he sees people. Now, to some people that’s refreshing and it’s good. To other people, it’s alarming.

Some people think that if he could be trained or reoriented toward seeing things and people ideologically, that things would be better off. But the man is 71 years old. He’s not gonna change the way he has always thought and believed. So let me try this. How about if I were to say to you that Donald Trump doesn’t really have a political philosophy? In other words, you can say conservatism and then bullet-point what it is. And you can say liberalism, and you can bullet-point what it is. It doesn’t take many to convey what liberalism is. But try bullet-pointing what Donald Trump is. And I defy anybody to be able to do it.

I mean, during the campaign, during the transition, and even now during the first 100 days, if you were given an assignment to bullet-point Donald Trump and to define, to say, for example, that there is a Trump philosophy that he is guided by inexorably, political philosophy, what would it be? I don’t think anybody would be able to come up with it. This is not a put-down, and it’s not a word game. It’s a sincere effort that I’m engaging in yet again to try to help as many people as possible understand who and what they’re dealing with in Donald Trump. There isn’t a particular political philosophy.


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