RUSH: Trump Could Appoint Another Independent Council To Investigate Mueller

RUSH: You know Mueller? I’m sitting here thinking about Robert Mueller. We had a call earlier ask, “What could Trump do about Mueller?” There is something Trump could do, and you’re gonna laugh and you’re gonna think this is outrageous; this is crazy. But I like the idea. You know Trump could appoint another independent counsel to investigate Mueller? Now, before you start snickering, there is a period of time where Mueller may have been colluding with Comey before Mueller was named the independent counsel. Who knows? Mueller may have been involved in Comey in leaking certain things.

We don’t know.

But we know that Mueller and Comey are best buds. They’re BFFs, supposedly. It is entirely within the president’s purview. If he wants to investigate the investigator, he can. Politically the reaction would be, “Oh, my God, that’d be crazy! It’d be suicidal!” But if you believe — if anybody believes — that Mueller is not on the up and up here for whatever reason (best friends with Comey, doesn’t like Trump, member of the establishment and wants to protect it), who knows? And if you think that Mueller is conflicted because he knows all these players — best buddies with Comey and whoever — you could theoretically do it.

Trump could name an independent counsel to investigate Mueller for any and everything he might have done, colluding with whoever. Might he have had some contacts with the Clintons, with Loretta Lynch, with Comey, because Comey was involved in all of these other things? And might those discussions then complicate with Mueller’s special counsel charge? If you think there’s bias or prejudice going in, you could certainly find out if Mueller has a clean slate at the start. I imagine a lot of legal beagles hearing me say this are shrinking away and shouting.

“No! No! Outrageous! One special counsel’s bad enough.”

I’m just telling you the president could do it. Whether it’s politically advisable? That’s another thing. But the stakes are pretty high here because the Democrats… Folks, like I said at the beginning of the program: I’m just sensing that there’s a shift in momentum here, and it could be temporary. The media’s a very powerful thing and can help the Democrats recover from whatever mess they get involved in. But you’ll notice, there’s a new wave of Democrats coming up, kind of like the Millennial chapter. This guy from Ohio — Ryan is his name — going after Pelosi. I mean, this wasn’t done!

Pelosi and Steny Hoyer and any of the House leadership? You never made a move on them. It was like making a move on the Godfather; you just don’t do it. But now it’s happening. And there are little things like the Democrats being told to stop this talk of impeachment, Democrats being told, “Back off this Russia thing. There are other things you guys need to talk about. You’re gonna have to start focusing on things that real-world people care, about like their jobs, the economy, and this kind of thing.” The Harvard poll. All of the little things. The scrutiny here… This Washington Post story on Friday?

Believe me, that does not move the ball forward for the Democrats or for Obama. It provides problems. So there’s been a blip here in the momentum, and when you add all this together, the Democrats realize they have some problems. Mueller might be the lone thing they have left to succeed in this coup d’etat against Trump. So if it’s that serious and if you think Mueller’s conflicted — if you’re Trump and you think he’s really conflicted — you can call for a special counsel into Mueller. (chuckles) I would love it. I think, just keep adding special counsels just to show how ridiculous the whole thing.


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