RUSH: Trump Attempting To Elevate Himself Above The ‘Sausage Making’ In Congress

RUSH: But the biggest element of this meeting that I think I saw in the time I had to watch it, which was not nearly all of it, he said it’s up to you, the people in this room, to put something together. Now, there are leaders from both parties and from both the House and Senate in this meeting. He said it’s up to you. He said, “I will sign whatever you send me.”

He did not say, “I’ll go through it and take a look at it and throw some things out if I don’t like ’em.” He said, “I will sign what you send me.” So what is that? Well, this is the issue that I believe got him elected. Now, many things are responsible for him being elected, but this is at the top of the heap of those reasons. This is the issue that a lot of people who didn’t particularly care for Trump held their nose and voted for him anyway, this issue.

So when he says, “I’ll sign whatever you people send me,” he said, “Up to you to put something together. I’ll sign whatever you send me.” What’s he doing there, folks? Let’s examine who runs the House? Republicans. Who runs the Senate? Republicans, by a vote, and maybe a tie, depending on the health of some of them. The Republicans have all of a sudden begun to work with Trump on his agenda.

So he says in a meeting open to the nation, a meeting being televised nationwide, a meeting that’s gonna be shown on cable news over and over and over, excerpts of it will, sound bites, video excerpts of the president appearing totally in command of the meeting, very cooperative, understanding, respectful of everybody in the room.
A picture of Trump unlike anything the Drive-Bys have reported, unlike anything being reported in the Wolff book, unlike anything in the Russian collusion story, unlike anything that some of the president’s own aides, like Steve Bannon, have said about Trump.

We had a completely different picture of Donald Trump than has been portrayed for months now in the Drive-By Media. And he says to these people, “It’s up to you to put together a bill. It’s up to you. I’ll sign whatever you send me.” So rather than me rushing in here and telling you what I think of that, which I will do at some point, I would love to know what you all think’s going on here. So we’ll try to get to some phone calls in the next hour if you want to weigh in on that.

But I imagine a lot of you were kind of quaking in your boots, “No, no, no, no, no, you can’t say that, you can’t say you’ll sign whatever they send. Those Democrats, they want amnesty for everybody and they don’t want any wall and they don’t want to end chain migration. If they send you that, you’ll sign it?”

He clearly doesn’t expect to be sent that. He told them every time he was asked, “There isn’t gonna be a deal without a wall. There isn’t gonna be a deal without chain migration ending.” But yet he says, “I’ll sign whatever you send me. I have confidence in the people in this room to come up with the solution to the problem. I’ll sign whatever you send me.” What do you think of that?


RUSH: There’s one way of interpreting this that is good. There’s a number of ways of looking at this that are not so good. But the one thing that I saw the president do is distance himself from Congress. “Hey, it’s up to you people. You people come up with something, I’ll sign it.” He’s almost attempting to elevate himself above the sausage making. “You guys, whatever you do, you know, if it makes sense, I’ll sign it,” something. Well, no, he didn’t say that. He said whatever they come up with, he’ll sign.



RUSH: Trump Attempting To Elevate Himself Above The ‘Sausage Making’ In Congress

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