RUSH: ‘True Believer’ Kirsten Powers Surprised Her Policy Doesn’t Survive ObamaCare

RUSH: This week, what is it, 76,000 people in the Virginia-Maryland-DC area are having their Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans canceled because of Obamacare, and it’s beginning to happen in Florida.  I’m sure most of you know that it happened to Kirsten Powers of Fox News.  She was on Megyn Kelly last night.  I don’t have the audio of that, but it doesn’t matter.  I don’t need to it.  I can tell you what happened. 

She got on to  She’d been an early and long advocate of Obamacare.  And we like Kirsten here, by the way.  I need to stress that in matters where I have been involved she has been over-the-top fair, which is unusual and unique.  She’s been a longtime advocate of Obamacare, nevertheless, and she admitted last night to Megyn Kelly that her policy doesn’t survive, that her premium is gonna go way up and that her deductible is gonna go way up and that she was surprised.  She said that she wouldn’t mind paying a little more if it would help others, but that ought to be her decision in a private charitable matter, not something forced on her or everybody else by the government.  But the impetus of the story is that she was a true believer, and even she was surprised.

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