RUSH: “TRUCK CONTROL”; Media Wants To Profile Muslims Who Rent Trucks

RUSH: Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times last night with Don Lemon — who did not cry in this particular bite — had this little chitchat here about the event.

KRISTOF: This is incredibly complicated and there is no silver bullet. If anything, it’s like silver buckshot. We can do more with intelligence. We can do more with trying to limit the access people have to weapons, including trucks.

RUSH: What!

KRISTOF: The New York City Police Department has an outstanding counterterrorism operation. And indeed, they’ve tried very hard to prevent truck-rental organizations from renting to people who might blow things up. But you can’t get perfect compliance.

LEMON: Uh, because w-when you… Um… When you think about Oklahoma City, right, that was a Ryder truck, correct?

KRISTOF: I think that’s right.

RUSH: Are you kidding? These guys are talking about the truck now! This truck was a Home Depot truck. So why don’t you go get Arthur Blank and put him in jail? He owns the Falcons and started Home Depot, along with Ken Langone, another rich Republican. Go after those two guys for starting Home Depot. Can you believe this? This is Nicholas Kristof. “We have to limit the access people have to weapons, including trucks.” Truck control! Unbelievable. Nowhere near even identifying much less getting to the root of the problem.


RUSH: Are you serious? We want to now profile Muslims who rent trucks? We’ll have a seven-day waiting period? Do you realize that would be more controversial than refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding? Somebody actually came up with that idea? Even though the media is proposing it here?


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