Limbaugh: Jeantel Admits Trayvon Martin Was A ‘Gay-Basher’

JEANTEL:  Yes.  Definitely. After I say, “Might be a rapist.”  For every boys or every man, every who’s not that kinda way, see a grown man following them, would they be creep out?  So you gotta take as a parent. You tell a child, “You see a grown person follow it you, run away,” and all that.

RUSH:  Do you understand, ladies and gentlemen, what she just said?  Let me spell it out for you.  When Trayvon described Zimmerman to her, “creepy ass cracka,” she began to fear that Zimmerman was gay.  A rapist.  She then told Trayvon to run, run, run.  She just said so.  “Definitely. After I say, ‘Might be a rapist.'” That means she said to Trayvon: This guy could be gay.  He could be a rapist.  He might want to rape you! You run, Trayvon. Run, run!

“For every boys, or every man, every who’s not that kinda way,” meaning everybody who’s straight, “see a grown man following them, would they be creep out?”  She’s telling us the reason Trayvon Martin descended on Zimmerman and started pummeling him was because he was offended. He thought, because what she said to him, that Zimmerman was gay. Zimmerman got beat up because Trayvon thought he was gay.  That’s what she’s saying here.  What else?  What other interpretation is there? 

So I thought, “Well, boy. The left is gonna have a real problem here.  They’re gonna have to balance: Which group are they going to favor, gays or blacks?”  Because here you had Zimmerman was assumed to be gay.  This woman told Trayvon, “Run, dude! You got a creepy ass cracka rapist following you.  Run, run, run.  Anybody be creep out by that.”  Trayvon’s not a kind of guy that runs, but Trayvon was mad. Some creepy ass cracka rapist was coming after him.

“Okay, I’ll give him what-for!”

So we have Trayvon Martin, who the media has made practically an angel. We now find out from no less than Rachel Jeantel, that he started beating up on Zimmerman because he thought, based on what Jeantel said, he might be gay.  So, Trayvon Martin — this angel, the recipient of all the love and support from the left-wing media, the Democrat Party, the left in general — actually is a gay basher.  I thought, “My gosh, this is gonna captivate the news and the left is gonna have to make a decision here.  Who do they actually end up supporting?”

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