Rush TRASHES Hillary: We Cannot Remain The USA With Irresponsible CRAP Leadership Like This

RUSH: Here’s Hillary.  You gotta look at this. This is last night in Coral Gables.  Hillary was down at the University of Miami. I guess it was, I don’t know, a fundraiser of some kind, a personal appearance.  But during the Q&A or whatever this was, Hillary got a question about Obamacare, and this is the nub-of what she said…

HILLARY:  Ultimately, having access to health insurance not connected to employment, subsidized, as it is under the Affordable Care Act, liberates you to choose what you want to do in your life.  You don’t have to take a job, as so many people in my generation did, just to have health insurance.

RUSH:  Now, I’m telling you, this is unconscionable.  It is irresponsible. It’s an abject lie. You talk about not motivating people and not inspiring people? This is exactly what I meant when I said, “We used to have people with dignity and character that at least stood for something and at least tried to make people improve themselves and end up being better than what they could be.  We used to have people in leadership positions who wanted to inspire people.”


RUSH: That is an absolute, giant slice of BS.  It is utter irresponsibility for these people to say these kinds of things, and yet this has become standard operating procedure.  This is Democrat Party policy.  That the best thing… They’re enabling you to not have to work in order to get health insurance.  They’re essentially condemning people to lives of mediocrity.  No achievement. Failure. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want, and we’re gonna give you health insurance!”  We cannot remain the United States of America with irresponsible crap leadership like this!

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