RUSH: To See Trump RESPECTED Has Sent Media Into An All-New DOWNWARD SPIRAL

RUSH: One other observation I made on the media reaction to the Trump cabinet meeting yesterday. I think — and I’ve touched on this in an ancillary way, but I want to double back here and zero in on this. I think these people in the media — and, of course, their accomplices in the Democrat Party — when they hear Donald Trump addressed with respect by people that they don’t consider to be Trump-like.

I mean, some of the people in the cabinet Democrats have previously associated with them, respected them. Like Rex Tillerson, Rick Perry. There’s any number of Trump cabinet members that the Democrats and the media have long found okay. But to hear them addressing Trump with such respect, the same kind of respect they gave Obama (very, very important), I think it just shattered them. It is so far out of their experience.

The media immediately thought that they were looking at Jim Jones and the cult or at North Korea, because they can’t fathom anybody respecting Trump. It just doesn’t compute. They don’t. And to hear Trump… It’s kind of like Jimmy Carter’s reaction to the Nixon funeral, when he heard all of these people just praising Richard Nixon. Carter didn’t understand it! Neither did see wife, Rosalyn. I think it sent them for a loop yesterday. All they know is vicious hatred. They’re swimming in it, and to see Trump respected and treated with respect the way they treated Obama? I think it sent them in an all-new downward spiral.



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