RUSH: To Obama Admin ‘Israel Is A Problem’

RUSH: We’ll start in Jerusalem.  This is Elvin, and I really appreciate your call.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi there, Rush, good to speak with you.  Thank you for having my call.

RUSH:  You bet, sir.

CALLER:  I wanted to briefly just share three points with you, if I may.  Number one, I think the people in America — and I lived there for 14 years.  I was born there.  I feel very much American.

RUSH:  Elvin, just slow down a little bit. You’ve got a cell phone connection.  I want people to understand what you’re saying.  Slow down just a little bit.

CALLER:  No problem.  Having been born in America and having lived in America for many years, I understand very much the American psyche.  But I wanted to share with people, they should understand, this war that’s going on between Israel and Hamas, if one excludes the moral component and just looks at it from a purely personal safety point of view. If, heaven forbid, something were to happen to Israel and we would no longer be here to fight this enemy, the first thing America needs to understand, we are next.  We are the great Satan and we will have terrorism at our doorstep.  And it’s not only, you know, someone else’s war.  What’s going on at the moment in Gaza, those folks are fighting America’s war, and people need to realize that.  Because, without Israel, heaven forbid —

RUSH:  Elvin, I actually think this is a great point.  The second thing you said first.  People — and I’m gonna include the Obama administration in this since what they do is what matters.  I think they do have a bit of a superiorist view of this, as though this is something taking place way far away, no impact on us really. They don’t even view Israel as an ally. They say that because they have to, but I guarantee you this bunch does not look at it that way. 

Israel is a problem.  And I’m not speaking in religious — it’s ideology, folks.  Israel is a problem for John Kerry, I don’t care, pick a liberal Democrat, it’s a problem.  This conflict with Hamas or the Palestinians, however it manifests itself on a day to day basis, it’s over there. It’s a thorn in our side, something they gotta deal with, but they don’t think it has any practical application to the United States at all.

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