RUSH: TIME Names Pope ‘Person Of The Year’ Because He Ripped Into Capitalism

RUSH: “The man believes in God and Christ, and that is also controversial for people on the left and in the media.  But for TIME Magazine to name as Man of the Year somebody who is forcefully pro-life, forcefully anti-abortion? Remember, Rush,” the e-mail says, “as you have pointed out, abortion is the sacrament for liberals.  If liberalism is a religion, abortion is their sacrament.  In addition, the pope is unwaveringly opposed to gay marriage, and there probably nobody at TIME Magazine who is opposed to gay marriage.

“So look what they’ve done. They’ve taken one thing that they think the pope said. The pope, as far as everybody’s concerned, totally ripped into capitalism — and when you do that, you’re ripping into the United States.  Where else is there any more that is predominantly capitalist?  Every place else in the world is either a socialist democracy or communist or some degree of it, Marxist.  The United States is it, and TIME Magazine names the pope as their Man of the Year.  Look at the choice they had to make.

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Was The Pope Named TIME’s ‘Person Of The Year’ Because Of Rush Limbaugh?

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