RUSH: This Syria Stuff Is Getting ‘Embarrassing’… ‘Rank Amateur Time’

RUSH:  You know, ladies and gentlemen, this Syria stuff, I just have to say this is getting embarrassing.  This is not how a great power operates.  This is just rank amateur time, everybody involved.  Here’s McCain at the hearing yesterday caught playing poker on his iPhone, and Wolf Blitzer over at CNN had to be convinced that it was just a game.  He thought that McCain was actually online gambling, was trying to make a story out of it.  And I’m sitting there thinking maybe McCain will draw four queens and think that he’s now in a Muslim marriage and move.  Well, you can sit there and dream.  (laughing)

It’s all you can do.  It’s all you can do is laugh at this stuff.  This Syria business, Obama now claiming he never did the red line.  He was going to blame it on Bush but he figured not even that would be…  So he’s now blaming it on the world.  The world did the red line.  And everybody is acting like this is huff and puff, the most dangerous, it’s horrible, “Oh, we’ve got to do something.”  In the meantime, the effort to defund Obamacare is being dwarfed and everybody’s attention is being distracted away from it.  I don’t know if that’s being done on purpose, but it’s a practical reality of this.

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