RUSH: ‘This Is What Blows My Mind.’ People Have Lost Faith In The Country, But Not In Obama

RUSH: This is what flummoxes me.  This is what just blows my mind.  People have lost faith in the country, folks.  They have not lost faith in Obama.  Do you understand the importance of that, the profundity of that?  Not at me; the reality of it.  These Millennials, these young people, these disaffected Democrat voters, everybody miserable and unhappy has lost faith in the country.

They don’t think the country is good anymore.  They don’t think the country’s great.  They don’t think the country’s exceptional.  They don’t think it’s special.  They don’t think that the country holds the answers.  In fact, their misplaced faith should be exclusively in Obama.  So the damage Obama is doing is even worse than you might think.  Not only are his policies transforming this country into a country that was never founded nor intended to be.  Not only are his policies literally depressing people and consuming them with negativism, Obama’s existence, his presidency, his policies have resulted in people losing faith in the country, not in him.  And that’s dangerous, because that makes it much easier for Obama and any Democrat to continue to talk about changing the country, if people have lost faith in it.

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