RUSH: THIS IS REAL! 37% Approval Rating Is ‘All On Obama’

RUSH:  Yeah.  It is tough to get back from a dropped credibility number.  And that’s all on Obama, by the way.  This is all on Obama.  People aren’t feeling this way because they’ve been told.  Here’s the thing, folks.  This is why this matters.  You and I know that George W. Bush approval number, 36, 37% took the media four years to get it there.  The George W. Bush approval number was the result of four years of relentless, unstoppable media pounding.  The media drove that approval number of George Bush down to 36%.  The media did not drive this down.  Obama’s 37% approval is all on Obama.

The media has been trying to protect Obama.  The media has been trying to shield Obama.  Several in the Republican establishment in the so-called conservative media have even been trying to shield Obama.  And while all of that has gone on, the approval number, 37%, is real, and it happened within a year.  And this is a major, fundamental difference.  This is real.  I never believed the Bush approval number.  I mean, I believed it, but I didn’t think that it was all owing to Bush.  It was the result of what had been said relentlessly for four years about Bush.  Bush lied, people died.  Books on the assassination of George Bush.  And none of it was ever replied to.  None of it was ever defended, reacted to, responded to by anybody at the White House, from the president on down, so it just sat there.

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