RUSH: ‘This Country’s Gonna Be Sizzling!’ ‘A-Listers Gonna Want To Be Close To Trump’

RUSH:  And it’s risky because any number of things are going to happen that nobody can foresee.  But right now everybody is the left is playing to type.  They are behaving exactly as you could predict.  They’re children.  They think that they run the world. They think this election’s an aberration. They think that Trump is subhuman and a gigantic accident and that they’re all threatened.  He’s not cool and therefore they’re very proudly pointing out that none of them are gonna perform at his inauguration.

The time is going to come when they are going to really regret this, and they’re gonna want to be within Trump’s orb at some point, ’cause this country’s gonna take off.  This country’s gonna be rocking, this country’s gonna be cooking, this country’s gonna be sizzling, and everybody is going to want to be close to Trump.  Trump likes celebrities; he is one.  The way he’s dealing with this now is to say (paraphrasing), “I don’t want these A-listers here.  I’m not asking these people to perform.”  He’s saying that these stories of A-listers turning him down, “We’re not asking ’em.  I want the people at my inauguration.”  And I think that’s probably true.


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