RUSH: There’s Gonna Be Hell To Pay If Rams Cut Michael Sam

RUSH: John in Indianapolis. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, right off the bat, I’m just telling you once you cut off my mic or my phone, I’m getting on your website and ordering the blueberry tea, and I suggest that every other of my fellow Americans do the same, but do it just a little bit differently, add some vodka. It’s awesome.

RUSH: Add some vodka? Have you ever tried orange vodka in the blueberry tea?

CALLER: No, that’s a bit out of my price range in this economy that we’re in, but the reason I’m calling is I think that St. Louis, Missouri, is gonna be on the radar for just a tad bit longer than we even realize. I think the next media whirlwind storm is coming when Michael Sam doesn’t make the St. Louis Rams. And you predicted it. You said there’s a good chance that he will not make the team, and I just hope that —

RUSH: No. No. No. I don’t remember that. Because I said, about any team that drafts him, they can’t cut him.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: No, here’s what I said. I remember it specifically. I said — this is about the Rams — if they’re gonna cut him, they better play him in every preseason game and they better have reams and reams of video showing that they don’t think he can play, because there’s gonna be hell to pay if they cut him. Now, they don’t have to cut him. They could put him on the practice squad. See, that’s the media’s agitating for that today. You may not know this. The media’s agitating for him to be put on the practice squad if he doesn’t make the team. But they say the Rams can’t do that because they would lose him, ’cause some other team would snap him right up if they do that.

So the pressure is already on the Rams not to cut Michael Sam. If you’re right, if they do cut him, there will be some anger in the media out there. It won’t be everywhere. It won’t be universal. I mean, some sports people will say, “It was understandable. He’s not that good.” There’s a lot of people in his position on that team that are better, but there will be some who will use it as a launching point. Why don’t you think he’s gonna make the team?

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