RUSH: There’s A Reason Trump Called Don Lemon ‘STUPID’

RUSH: There’s a reason Trump called Don Lemon stupid.

On his show on CNN Tuesday night and Wednesday night, Don Lemon said that Trump should be thanking Obama for handing him a really good economy. He said on Tuesday he doesn’t think people are stupid and realize that Trump is riding the momentum of an economy Obama created. On Wednesday night Don Lemon used the thank-you line and said he wonders if Trump would be crying if he was given the economy that Obama inherited when he took the presidency.

So Obama inherited a mess, just like Clinton did, standard Democrat project, they inherit a bad economy, their predators lied to them about how bad it is. That sets the stage for a bad, weak economy ’cause Democrats preside over those kinds of economies. Here comes Don Lemon. So this is a coordinated push that your friends are falling for, probably purposefully. You’re probably not gonna be able to talk ’em out of this no matter how much logic I have shared with you that you repeat.

But there’s no way, there is no measure in which the Obama economy outperforms Trump’s. There is no measure that says Trump’s economy is simply an outgrowth of Obama’s. Trump has had to institute a whole bunch changes, change the focus, change the overall outlook of America’s role in the world in order to make these economic circumstances happen.

There’s a difference between conservatism and liberalism. There’s a huge difference between freedom and socialism. There’s a big difference in freedom and government control and regulation. Eight years of Obama versus 10 months of Donald Trump. The contrast is simple. You can’t miss it unless you want to. Unless you’re so poisoned and blinded by partisanship.

Remember, Obama never had 3% growth. Obama took so much money out of the economy as government took over this or that like health care, lied to you in the process about it. Obama tried to condition everybody that America’s best days are behind us, the new normal now because America had been unfair in the past, America had become an economic superpower by stealing and by appropriating resources and things that were not ours. We had militarily oppressed people and tried to impose our way of life on them, which is freedom. And Obama was here to correct America and make it right in the eyes of the world. Which is to downsize it and to strip it of superpower status. And that’s exactly what Obama did. Tell your friends to get a brain.


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