RUSH: There’s A Brendan Eich Effort Being Waged Against Condi Rice

RUSH: Drew Houston is the founder, cofounder/CEO of Dropbox. He named Condoleezza Rice. She also was admitted to Augusta a year or two ago as one of the first female members.

“File storage service Dropbox has assigned several executives to lead it forward. One of the executives is former National Security Advisor and US Secretary of State during the George W. Bush presidency Dr. Condoleezza Rice. Following the reveal of Rice as a member of the Dropbox Board of Directors, an initiative called ‘dropdropbox’ started.

“While [supposedly] not a partisan effort, the website calls for the ouster of Rice, citing historical events that occurred during her term of office as proof of her lack of ethics and her unsuitability to help govern the [Dropbox] company.” So there is a Brendan Eich effort now that’s being waged.

These leftists, these militants, are gonna start pressuring Dropbox the same way Mozilla was, until they drop Condoleezza Rice.  They’re not gonna give it up.  It’s bigotry.  It is hatred.  This is McCarthyism. It’s a number of other things, too. You might even say it’s racism because Condoleezza Rice is black, although she’s conservative, so that kind of cancels out the black.

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