RUSH: There Isn’t Gonna Be A Frog-March Of Trump To The Nearest Jail

RUSH: So imagine you’re a Democrat, any Democrat — you’re Chuck Schumer, you’re Pelosi, you’re a Democrat lobbyist, you are in the Drive-By Media — and you have been trying to destroy Donald Trump. With who, by the way? With who have you been trying to destroy Trump?

You don’t need to destroy Trump in the minds of Democrats. They already hate Trump. Democrats don’t need convincing that Trump is bad news. They don’t need to constantly be told what a danger Trump is. Trump voters are the targets of this. The media’s been trying to distance Trump voters from Trump by impugning his character and his honesty and his legitimacy and all of that. But it the audience that’s heard it is also Democrat base voters.

So the Democrats are thinking that their voters are far too sophisticated to really know what’s going on here, so it’s a wink and nod and they’ll be in the game. No, no, no. They’re buying this. There are now 55% of Democrat voters think the Russians stole election by hacking voting machines or whatever they think the mechanism was. Now, those people, because they believe that, are convinced that Comey knows it. They were convinced that Sally Yates knows it. They are convinced that Mueller is going to find it!

They’re convinced that Eric Holder and Obama and John Brennan know it. So, therefore, they are convinced that it’s going to be made public in an investigation, and they are convinced that Trump may go to jail. They are convinced. They are just waiting for all of it to unfold and happen. Al Franken had to tell ’em it wasn’t gonna happen this month. This is a problem for Democrats, ’cause this isn’t gonna happen, because that didn’t happen. The Russians did not hack the election. The Russians had nothing to do with the outcome of the election!

That’s all on Hillary. And one day, these people are gonna have to told. One day these people are gonna figure out there isn’t gonna be an investigation. One day… Well, there isn’t gonna be the revelation, and there isn’t gonna be a conviction, and there isn’t gonna be a frog march in handcuffs of Donald Trump to the nearest jail. There isn’t gonna be Donald Trump lined up before a firing squad. This isn’t gonna happen. And when it doesn’t, when these 55% and growing figure out that there’s nothing here, what are they gonna do?

I’m telling you: The Democrats are scared to death of that day.


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