RUSH: ‘There Is Some Democrat Reluctance To Go Along With This Amnesty Bill In The Senate’

RUSH: But with The Politico story out there that this thing passing and being signed into law — I mean, the story said that effectively the Republican Party will cease to exist for a generation, 25, 30 years.  The Republican Party will cease to exist if this Gang of Eight immigration bill becomes law.  Why publish that?  Why give up the game when everybody involved is trying to hide that?  Well, there’s gotta be a reason for it, because Politico’s not trying to help the Republicans here.  They certainly aren’t interested in that.  So it tells me there must be, hard as it is to believe, there is some Democrat reluctance to go along with this amnesty bill in the Senate.

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Gun Control Loss in Senate Has Democrats Worried About Amnesty


Rush Amazed POLITICO Would Post Story ‘Immigration Reform Could Be Bonanza For Dems’


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