RUSH: There Is No Such Thing As Pre-Existing Condition Insurance

RUSH: From the National Center for Public Policy Research: “3.1 Million Young Adults Have Not Received Coverage via Their Parents’ Insurance.” Now, this is one of those billing deals even the Republicans say they can’t oppose. There are two things the Republicans say about Obamacare, there are at least two.  That we can’t repeal no matter what, we can’t do away with ’em and we’re not gonna do away.  One of them is coverage for preexisting conditions.  We’re not gonna touch that.  Everybody wants that.  Everybody wants everybody, no matter what their problem, to be covered, to be able to have insurance.  Well, yeah, everybody wants a lot of stuff.  I don’t know, I guess I’m too big a stickler. 

Preexisting condition insurance is not possible.  It’s not insurance.  It’s something else.  And if you call it something else, you might change the percentages of people that support it.  And that’s why they call it insurance.  “Well, I think everybody ought to have insurance. I don’t think insurance ought to be denied to anybody when it comes to health care.”  Of course, everybody thinks that.  But then what if you’re talking about offering people something that isn’t insurance but is, in strict definitional terms, welfare?  Well, then what kind of support does it get? 

See, that’s the kind of stuff that matters to me.  It makes me, you know, a stick in the mud.  Let’s say you decide for some reason you have enough money, you don’t have to get a mortgage.  So you don’t have to have homeowners insurance.  So you don’t.  You plop down whatever your house costs, and then one day you drive home and you see smoke coming from your neighborhood, and you get closer and closer and you see it’s your house on fire.  “Oh, my God, oh, no.”  Then you realize, you know what, I don’t have any insurance.

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