RUSH: There Is No ‘RIGHT To Immigrate’

RUSH: From Reuters.  “US authorities have agreed to stop pressuring undocumented immigrants in Southern California to sign off on their own deportations under a legal settlement that may later allow some deportees to return from Mexico to seek US legal residency. The deal reached between the American Civil Liberties Union and federal officials stems from a lawsuit brought last year on behalf of other immigration rights groups.”

What is immigration rights?  What right to immigrate does anybody have?  There is no such right.  That is a behavior permissible by American law.  There’s no right to immigrate.  Immigration rights groups.  Anyway, what this is — because this story as written by Reuters requires translation.  This is a textbook example of how the left works.  The claim here, the claim that they are making on behalf of immigration rights groups, the claim is that California coerced illegal aliens into signing voluntary deportation forms. 

Oh, yes, don’t you know.  The state of California tricked people. The state of California tricked all of these innocent, unsuspecting jewels of humanity, tricked them into signing their own deportation forms.  But now, thanks to a deal struck between the US government and the ACLU — and I submit there’s no difference in the two — what this means, folks, is that now hundreds, maybe hundreds and thousands of illegal aliens are gonna be allowed to come back to California, after they were deported, because they’re gonna claim they were tricked and deported illegally.

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