RUSH: There Is An Assault On Football

RUSH: I’m telling you, there is an assault on football here.  It’s all part of this focus on concussions, and I am convinced that the people that run this league have no idea what they’re up against.  They really don’t.  They have no clue, and they have no clue how to deal with it.  They deal with it like every other group of cowards deals with all these other attacks on the left.

They pander. They try to appease and please and give them a portion or all of what they are demanding and want. The thing that they don’t get is that with the left, it’s never about what they say they’re angry about.  It’s never about that, and they can’t be appeased. They can never be pleased. They can never be made happy. They never are.

No matter what they’re given, no matter what compromises are made in their direction, they’re never happy with whatever they get. Be it a tax increase, be it nationalization of health care, they never end up happy with what they get.  But this is about much more than that, and this has been so easy to see coming.  It’s been out there.  But the people in the NFL think they’re an impenetrable fortress.

They’re so big and they’re so popular. “I mean, look at the TV ratings.”  Yeah, look at the TV ratings.  They’re down this year from last year.  Now, it’s only the first week, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this. I’ve got a bad feeling because I don’t think… They’re afraid of the wrong people in the NFL.  They’re worried about the wrong people, and they do not understand really who and what they’re up against, even now. (sigh)

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