RUSH: The Whole Purpose Of JFK Anniversary Is To Blame Conservatives

RUSH: It is the 50th anniversary today of the assassination of President Kennedy.  And again, the whole purpose of today is to blame conservatives.  I’m not kidding you.  It’s amazing.  No matter what network you watch, they’ve got people on who claim to have been there that day, reporters, editors, assignment editors.  They’ve got people who were there in the aftermath of the assassination.  Well, I’ve been there in the aftermath.  I was there last year.  I’ve been to Dealey Plaza.  I’ve been to the window at the School Book Depository.  I did a radio commentary from there when I was in Kansas City.  I’ve been there.

I’ve been to the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination.  And all these people, it’s amazing to listen to ’em talk about what kind of place Dallas was, a hotbed of anti-black bigotry, anti-civil rights, madcap extreme conservative right-wingerism.  And all this time it was a communist that killed the president. They’re doing everything they can to ignore that and erase it.  Southern Democrats with a hotbed of racism in that year.  Southern Democrats, the old Dixiecrats, they were the racists.  The Democrats ran the South back then.  They didn’t run Dallas, which is what has everybody on the left ticked off.

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