RUSH: The Whole Last Four Years Has Been Run Through The Prism Of Obama’s Reelection

RUSH: Everything, the whole last four years has been run through the prism of Obama’s reelection. Everything is. It’s been an unending campaign, sort of like Clinton’s eight years were, or six. The last two years were survival for Clinton, but, regardless, it’s not hard at all to believe that the regime would filter everything through the campaign and decide that we really can’t have an outbreak of war in the Middle East and attack on America, not after the convention where Obama said 21 times we killed Osama and Al-Qaeda’s on the run, so forth. Other things are entirely possible with this bunch. I’m not discounting ’em. I say you don’t need them to have enough reasons to know that this is unacceptable. This behavior is totally unpresidential, it’s unacceptable, it’s outrageous, and for whatever reason, the president of the United States is failing in his most basic responsibility. That’s to keep Americans safe who are in harm’s way. For whatever reason, he’s not following through.

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