RUSH: The ‘War On Poverty’ Hasn’t Changed Anything

RUSH: So this is just another example here of being told we need to excuse behavior that need not and should not be excusable.  Obama said today, “Our system of government’s built on the premise that our liberty cannot depend on the good intentions of those in power.  It depends upon the law to constrain those in power.”  Well, I’m sorry, but the laws that constrain him in his power he is ignoring.  And it is precisely his good intentions and only his good intentions we are allowed to judge him on.  And that’s true to the whole left. 

I mean, they’ve botched every entitlement program.  It is an absolute mess.  The War on Poverty hasn’t changed anything.  The Great Society, the elimination of income and wealth inequality, hasn’t done anything.  We’re not supposed to judge the results.  We are supposed to judge their big hearts and their good intentions and how much they care.  At least they tried, blah, blah, blah.  Well, I’m sorry.  I’ve lived long enough now, and I know enough about who these people are, the kind of people they are, to recognize BS when I see it. 

I still think that this thing today, this NSA business, is really nothing more than the latest effort to distract everybody away from the other things that are going disastrously bad: the economy, Obamacare, which is such a mess, it’s almost incomprehensible.  They don’t know how many people have paid, people who think they’ve signed up can’t get proof from an insurance company?  Four out of five enrollees are being subsidized?  It’s an absolute, total mess.

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