RUSH: The Very People Who Elected Obama Get The Shaft

RUSH: The UK Mail online “spoke with patients who were told they would have to pay their bills in full if they couldn’t prove they had insurance.” That’s not what Obama told them was gonna happen.  Obama told ’em they were gonna get cheaper premiums, cheaper deductibles, cheaper co-pays, and that if they liked what they had they could keep it.  So people, the ones who did sign up now may not have actually signed up because after three years this bunch can’t even do a simple log-in registration website. 

The man who gave us this doesn’t appear to care.  He doesn’t care enough to even come back and use the power of his office as boss over every in charge of this and insist that it get done right.  Instead, he’s at Nobu on Waikiki beach at night. Instead, he’s snorkeling. Instead, he’s out hitting golf balls. Instead, he’s reading books on the beach or whatever he’s doing.  Yeah, it’s true, the media would be hammering George W. Bush.  But we know the media isn’t gonna hammer Barack Obama no matter what. 

They are Barack Obama.  The more important thing here is just what kind of man would do this? What kind of man could appear so cavalier?  He knew that January 2nd was D-Day for this plan to go into effect.  He knew that.  And where is he?  He’s as far away from Washington as you can be and still be in the country, with absolutely not a care in the world — and yet, he is a Democrat.  I’ve heard all my life, “They’re the ones who really care about people.

“They’re the ones who really have compassion.  They’re the ones who really care about the little guy.” Why is it the little guy keeps getting the shaft when these people are in charge?  Why is it the very people who believe Obama, the very people who elected him get the shaft?  “One was faced with a $3,000 hospital room charge and opted to leave the hospital after experiencing chest pains,” because she couldn’t pay the three grand.

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