RUSH: The Trump-Russia Collusion Story Doesn’t Have Any Legs And It’s About To Fall Apart

RUSH: The media-Democrat Party investigation into collusion between Trump and Russia has fallen apart — it is hanging by a thread — and the evidence is last Saturday’s New York Times.

The New York Times has done a 180.

They realize they’re on their last legs. There isn’t any evidence of Trump collusion with Russia. There is evidence of Hillary and the Democrat Party collusion with Russia, but no evidence of any kind with Trump and Russia. Yet we have a special counsel investigating this, and nothing will happen to that. That’s gotta be protected. It’s gotta be saved. So on Saturday the New York Times comes out with a story claiming that it’s an entirely different reason now for investigating this. The Trump-Russia collusion story doesn’t have any legs, and it’s about to fall apart, and the reason for this… Well, there are many reasons.

But the primary bit of evidence in quotes involved this guy Carter Page. Does that name ring a bell? He was one of the first obscure, original, supposed Trump campaign officials. He was an adviser. And it was Carter Page who was written about more often than anybody else in the now-famous Trump dossier written by Christopher Steele.

Well, what’s become of that? Because on Saturday the New York Times published an op-ed by the two guys that created and founded Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS is the company that actually created the Trump dossier. The Fusion GPS was the connect between the Hillary campaign and Christopher Steele who wrote the Trump dossier. They arranged for it, the money was piped through a law firm to give one level of deniability to the Clinton campaign.

And now all of a sudden the focus is not on Carter Page anymore but it’s on this guy George Papadopoulos, who is an obscure member of the Trump foreign policy team. It’s even a stretch to say that. And it’s all based on the fact that he got drunk one night with somebody in the Australian diplomatic corps and happened to allude to the fact that he’d been told that the Russians have some dirt on Hillary they want to pass on.

So they have totally abandoned, the New York Times and the Drive-By Media have abandoned the original concept of Trump colluding with Russia with Carter Page and have now glommed on to this guy George Papadopoulos. And they’ve also said in this op-ed that there now is a new purpose. Rather than collusion between Trump and Russia, what the Fusion guys are really looking into now is Trump’s business practices.

Now, it will take a while to go through the original concepts of the Trump-Russia collusion via the dossier and dropping that, Carter Page, moving on to George Papadopoulos. But the point is, that whole story is about to unravel. That whole story is on the verge of unraveling, and the New York Times and the media had to do what they could to revive it and save it, and that’s what their articles and op-eds were on Saturday.

I’m not talking about the Mueller investigation. That’s a separate entity. But it’s based on some of this. You know, this yearlong, more than yearlong everyday story in the media, Trump colluded with Russia, there isn’t anybody there, and they know it, and they’re on the verge of dropping it and redirecting it, recomposing it to be something else that still is Trump cheated.


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