RUSH: The Super Bowl MVP Might Have Been Peyton Manning From The Seahawks Perspective

RUSH: Now, the Seahawks were not mediocre.  Again, I want to stress, I’m not trying to take anything away. I predicted the Seahawks to win, so I gotta be real careful.  We got big audiences in Denver and Seattle as well here.  We own both towns and we have for many, many moons.  I’m just telling you what I thought, and I thought the game coverage was a bummer.  The Super Bowl, for the last game of the season, I think having it in New York, something about that, I don’t think flew.  For the championship game, the championship game the National Football League, that game did not at all put forth the best face of the National Football League.  It was like one team didn’t even show up.  And there I go.  I’m not trying to anger you people in Denver.  This is not a personal comment on anybody. 

The MVP, nobody ever heard of the guy.  How do you pick an MVP in a game like that?  The MVP might have been Peyton Manning from the Seahawks’ perspective.  Just kidding.  Just to make a point.  You know, we’ve got audio sound bites here, the O’Reilly interview of Obama during the pregame show.  Now, folks, let me tell you something.  I think that is the wrong venue to do a serious interview of the president of the United States.  O’Reilly actually asked really good questions that Obama hasn’t been asked before.  But that’s not the place people want to see that, particularly not on the network that’s televising the game, not on the network televising the pregame show.

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