RUSH: The Specter Of ‘White’ Football Fans Are RACISTS Is Being Raised

RUSH: The New York Times ran an op-ed recently wondering if football fans are racist. You knew this was coming. The sports media is all-in on Colin Kaepernick, and they’re all-in on the notion that white NFL owners are racist and are banning Kaepernick because he’s black (or half black) and because he disrespects the flag and all this other stuff. They’re ignoring the fact that, on balance, Kaepernick hasn’t been able to play, and they’re forgetting that Kaepernick was offered a contract by the 49ers. He walked out on his contract.

He said he didn’t want it. It’s not as though he was not offered a chance to play. He was. Here’s the excerpt from the New York Times op-ed. “Yet we should not be so sure that white fans’ willingness to support black athletes on the gridiron entails a genuine acceptance of racial equality, nor their inclusion of black people more broadly in the ‘we’ that is supposed to be No. 1.” What this guy is saying is that it used to be that white fans supporting sports figures who are African-American, people used to cite: What do you mean America’s racist? How can that be?

Look at the numbers of people that watch the NFL. It’s 75% black! Look at the number of people that pay for tickets, buy advertising. Look at the financial support that enterprise has, and you’re telling me that white people are racist? And this guy the New York Times is coming along saying: That doesn’t count anymore. You can’t say that white fans’ willingness to support black athletes means they are genuinely accepting of racial equality. You can’t say that. They could still be racist as pigs!

“Indeed, white acceptance of black entertainers and white exploitation of the physical labor of black persons long predates…” Did I not predict this? Folks, I’m gonna tell you exactly what this editorial’s about by reminding you of my prediction. When the world decided… Well, when the American left decided that the National Football League was going to become a target — and they did it on many levels. They did it on safety, the number of concussions. They attacked the NFL in any number of ways.

I mean, this started years ago, and I remember waving the flag trying to get people to pay attention. This is not gonna end, it’s not gonna roll off, it’s not just a one-off. They’re not gonna quit until they have created a public consciousness that football is bad, that football kills, that football maims, that football harms. They’re not gonna quit until they’ve been able to create a public consciousness that the game is bad. Once they succeed in that, then the NFL’s days as it exists are numbered.

I said, “Wait until these leftist activists figure out that they can equate this to slavery,” and I had people call me. “What do you mean? How in the world…?” I said, “Because who owns the teams in the NFL? Are they all not predominantly white? They are.” “Yeah, but, Rush, look at how much money they’re being paid!” “I know, but look at what’s happening to them! They’re dying early. They’re committing suicide. They’re suffering concussions and other injuries that are shortening their lives.”

I said, “It isn’t gonna be long before the left starts figuring this out and putting this all together and equating what’s going on here in the NFL to its own brand of white supremacy or master-slave circumstances,” and it’s now starting. The way the New York Times is getting into this is to suggest that football fans are racist. Well, they’re asking the question. They’re raising the specter of football fans being racist.


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