RUSH: The Republican Party Is CRACKING UP, On Purpose

RUSH: The Republican Party, folks, is cracking up. It’s amazing. It appears to be on purpose. Now, let’s walk through this. You know the drill. The Republican Party — let’s go back to the days — Obama gets elected in 2008, and Republicans and conservatives all over the country are in a deep depression or panic because they know we know what Obama’s intentions are.

We know that he’s gonna nationalize health care. We know that he is going to weaken the United States militarily. We know because he said so, that he’s going to transform America. We know that he believes America is not a place of exceptionalism, and we know that he doesn’t think America is great. We know that he thinks America is guilty. We know that he believes that America needs to be cut down to size or to pay a price for all of these injustices, and we’re seeing the outgrowth of that now.

What do you think Antifa is? Antifa is Obama as violence, Obamaism as violence. Antifa is no different in terms of what their beliefs are than what Obama’s beliefs are. Now have that may offend some of you, but I’m telling you, be courageous and don’t doubt me here. Where do you think these groups come from? Who do these groups vote for? It’s Democrats that they vote for. This Antifa group is no Trump, no USA, no this, no that, these people are totally opposed.

They believe the United States was guilty from the first days of our independence, founding, and what have you. They’ve been taught this. They’ve been taught this by the same people that probably taught Obama, that taught all these other Democrats and leftists and have taught people in the media. Anyway, in 2008 we knew that’s what was in store for us. It was shocking, it was chilling, it was a wake-up call. And something else we were shocked by.

We were shocked by how little time it took for it to appear that we had lost our country to people on the left. All during the Bush years, Republicans in power, the left was there, but with the election of Obama and his ascension to office, it looked like we’d lost the country overnight. So here comes Obamacare, and everybody’s worst fears are realized, and so the Tea Party springs into action organically. No leader; there’s no charter; there’s nobody who made this happen.

It was a bubbling up effervescence of average, ordinary Americans, many of whom had never been involved in politics before. And they get busy. It scares the hell out of Democrats and Republicans. It scares the hell out of them because it’s real citizens who are not the result of money or fundraising or donations. And they are active and engaged, many in their case for the first time in their lives. The Democrats are so panicked by it, they create an artificial response to it called Occupy Wall Street.

The way the Republicans react to it, start lying to ’em. “Yes, we agree. Repeal and replace Obamacare. We’re gonna stop this spending.” The Republicans said everything they needed to say to get the votes of the Tea Party and Republicans in 2010, and they did. And so the Republicans win back the House. And we immediately start hearing they’re gonna repeal and replace Obamacare, they’re gonna stop this spending, no more debt limit expansion, all of this!

But they never do it. It never happens. And we get excuses. “Well, we really want to, but we can’t do anything until we have the Senate.” So, a few years later, Republican voters gave the Republican Party the Senate! And we thought now we’ve got a way to stop Obama! But it turns out the Republicans said no. We don’t have enough votes to stop Obama. We really can’t repeal and replace Obamacare. We can’t do anything about spending, and we can’t cut taxes or any of this stuff until we have the White House. And the Republicans never expected to win the White House.

I don’t care what you were told, I’m telling you that Republicans in the establishment, inside the Beltway, never thought — I don’t care, Romney wasn’t gonna win, whoever — Jeb Bush, they didn’t think was gonna win, it was all about getting a nomination and establishing the order for the Republicans within the establishment. But nobody expected to beat Hillary. They were scared to death of her. There isn’t a Republican in that town that thought they were gonna win the presidency. And they did. Trump did.


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