RUSH: The Race Is On To Walk Obama Back From That ‘Red Line’

RUSH: It was “unclear what the consequences of crossing that red line would be.”  Now, how can we be sure that Obama isn’t trying to get us into yet another war?  I mean, we’re in two.  We’re in Afghanistan; we’ve got the tail end of Iraq going on.  And, remember, Obama needs to distract people from his domestic agenda falling apart — well, falling apart from our perspective.  From his perspective, it’s right on schedule.

But he still needs people distracted from it.  People don’t like what’s happening.  They don’t yet associate Obama with it.  You know that drill.  But even, so Obama doesn’t want to run the risk that at some point people are going to associate what’s happening with him, so just keep people distracted.  It’s exactly what he accused Bush of doing.  You know, he made a speech in 2002 when he was a state senator, Obama did.

He accused Bush of using Iraq as a way of distracting from the horrors of the recession that Bush had provided.  Okay.  So who’s to say that’s not what Obama is doing now?  ABC News headline is: “Obama’s Red Line: What He actually Said About Syria and Chemical Weapons.”  So the race is on to walk Obama back from that red line.  Now, ABC and the media can do all they want to try to protect Barack Obama domestically.

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