RUSH: The Purpose Of The Government From The Left Standpoint Is NOT Results

RUSH:  All right.  Let me answer my own question.  I’m best at that anyway.  Because, A, it’s a good question, B, the answer’s even better, and C, this is the kind of thing that the network’s gonna play for their guests to react to on future shows.  My question to the good doctor we just had on the phone. If every government agency is over budget — and it is, by default.  I mean, we’re spending a trillion dollars a year that we don’t have. We’re nowhere near balanced, so it doesn’t matter.  Every agency is over budget.

So my question to him was, it really doesn’t matter, does it, what the budget is?  They’re gonna spend it.  So when they spend it, why don’t they spend it on staffing the VA with doctors?  And if the answer comes back, “Well, there’s a limit, you know, there’s a budget and we can only spend –” No.  That doesn’t wash, folks.  The budget doesn’t matter.  This government is spending on whatever it wants to spend.  Look at Obama’s budgets that are submitted.  I don’t care if they’re DOA. I don’t care if they never get voted on.  Look at the desire.  There is no spending limit.  There is no real limitation on spending.  That’s why the Tea Party exists.  You know it and I know it. 

Left to their own devices, these people would spend money without any regard for the consequences, in a fiscal sense.  So why do they not actually spend it on doctors?  And here comes the controversial answer:  That’s not the purpose of government.  The purpose of government from the left’s standpoint is not results.  If it were, LBJ’s Great Society wouldn’t be a dismal failure.

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