LIMBAUGH: The Purpose Of Tax Cuts Is To Reduce The Size Of Government

RUSH: I heard Robert Reich actually talk about the national debt for the first time in 25 years today. He’s never cared about it until today. And he started talking about the budget deficit every year. (imitating Reich) “You Republicans keep saying that you’re for reducing the deficit, the national debt. How you gonna pay for this?”

I get so sick and tired of the question: how you’re gonna pay for it. Steve Moore was the pro-tax cut guest that was on the same time, I think it was on CNN, as labor secretary Robert B. Reichhhh. And Moore pretty much said (paraphrasing), “Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, but I tell you how we’re gonna try, we’re gonna grow the economy. This tax cut is gonna grow the economy, that’s what’s gonna happen. And all we need to go is generate another 1% economic growth on top of the 3% we already got, that could mean another trillion or $2 trillion revenue flowing into Washington, more than enough to pay for it.”

Which, look, strictly as a matter of policy that’d be great if that happened. Tax cuts can cause economic growth and they create new taxpayers. But that’s not my preferred answer. My preferred answer to how are we gonna pay for it, how about the government doing with less for just once in our lifetimes? Where is it written that government cannot get smaller? Where is it written that every year government must spend more? Where is that written? How did this come to be?

Why can’t the notion of the tax cut being paid for be answered by saying, “Maybe Washington should reduce some of its spending”? This offends me like I can’t tell you, this “how we gonna pay for it” question, because what that means is the money’s not really yours. We’re just transferring Washington’s money to you, but somehow we gotta make it up on the other end. So what that means, it’s really not a tax cut when you get right down to it, not in terms of real numbers.


RUSH: I think everything gets better when tax rates are cut. I don’t look at the tax code as a way to punish people. I don’t seek to see it used that way. I realize I’m in the minority, however. What I believe in is the American economy and the American people. And I am for anything that allows them to be rewarded for the fruits of their labors, their hard work, their investments, their ambition.

I don’t believe the first claim to every dollar should be Washington’s for some silly social program or anything else. I blanch and I get viscerally angry when I hear people react to any tax cut proposal by whining and moaning about how are we gonna pay for it. Why should government never have to do with less? It seems to me the purpose of a tax cut is to actually reduce the size of government. You take less from the people earning it, and when you take less from the people earning it, you are earning less, you’re getting less as government. Fine, static, leave it alone. Let economic growth take care of it.

But if they seek to pay for this, that means they’re gonna go raise taxes somewhere else that they’re not gonna tell you. They’re gonna raise fees somewhere else that they’re not gonna tell you. Or within this tax cut plan there are gonna be some tax increases levied on people who will not complain about it ’cause it won’t matter anyway.


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