RUSH: The Pathway To Citizenship Is Google Maps

RUSH: Grand Prairie, Texas.  Jeffrey, it’s great to have you.  You’re up first today, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Sir, this is a tremendous — and I do mean a tremendous — honor.  I’m a longtime African-American listener and first-time caller.

RUSH:  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  Yes, sir.  It’s great to be here.  I want to make two quick comments real quick.  You know, every little child that watches Dora the Explorer knows that in order to find something, you simply use the map.  The pathway to citizenship for adults is Google Maps.  Simply use Google Maps, find the nearest immigration service office, and get there.  That, to me, is the pathway to immigration.  The other thing I want to comment on is this.  The politicians continue to clamor about —

RUSH:  Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  That’s a little funny.  We just can’t let that go by.  You say the pathway to citizenship is a map to the nearest immigration office?

CALLER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  Pathway to citizenship, yeah.  Well, that’s hilarious, actually, and very and clever to boot.

CALLER:  It’s child’s play.  I mean, every child knows it’s the map.  Every child who watches Dora knows that.

RUSH:  Right.  Pathway citizenship is not taking a test.  It’s the immigration office.

CALLER:  It’s the immigration office.

RUSH:  Followed by the county courthouse and welfare office in there.

CALLER:  Established rules, procedures, regulations, it’s all there.

RUSH:  Exactly right.

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