RUSH: The One Man Chosen By Destiny To Take Us All To Utopia, Can’t Get Himself Off The Damn Golf Course

RUSH: There was going to be no more hatred, there wasn’t gonna be anymore racism, there wasn’t going to be any more bigotry — and if there was, we would kill them. There wasn’t going to be any more judging of anybody.  The poor were going to become rich.  The rich were going to be gotten even with. And finally, everybody was going to have what they wanted!  Global warming would be fixed. 

We would get rid of the use of oil, and we would all be flying around in solar-powered jets, going to the moon if we wanted to with Richard Branson or one of his Virgin jets.  Alas, ladies and gentlemen, the reality has set in.  The dream remains aloof.  The dream remains illusory.  It’s nothing more than a far-off, impossible-to-reach-once-again beautiful place.  The one man better qualified, more able — chosen by history and destiny — to take us all to this wonderful utopia, can’t get himself off the damn golf course.

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Levin BLASTS Obama: ‘Get Your Ass Off The Golf Course… Act Like A President Or Get The Hell Out!’

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