RUSH: The Obama Media Didn’t Have To Be Spun

RUSH:  Now, two points here.  Dr. Krauthammer admits that two weeks ago he was in the Pelosi camp.  “Benghazi, let it go. There’s nothing to see. It’s two years ago. There’s nothing to talk about. Let’s move on.” Then the memo came out.  The memo shows that there was a massive cover-up.  The memo shows that the White House knew exactly what happened and was trying to protect Obama from it, with Susan Rice being briefed. And Dr. Krauthammer says that’s the equivalent of the Nixon tapes being discovered. 

The Nixon tapes were big.  The 18-minute gap, Rose Mary Wood, the secretary, Nixon taping all the people, Haldeman and Ehrlichman.  It’s what enabled Woodward and Bernstein to go.  I still like my comparison that the Drive-Bys of today are the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein helping to cover it up.  When Dr. Krauthammer says the other media are somewhat embarrassed because they allowed themselves to be stoned spun and rolled for a year and a half.  Now the memo appears, it’s obvious they missed the story.

He knows some of those people and I don’t.  So I’ll have to acknowledge that he may have a point here.  My instinct, though, is that the Obama media didn’t have to be spun.  The Obama media, on anything, doesn’t have to be spun and rolled.  In fact, bear with me on this because I only read this once.  You may have seen it.  I, of course, did not.  I had to read about it.  Brent Bozell was on Fox one night this week on the Megyn Kelly show.  He had a transcript of e-mails back and forth between somebody in the White House and a Drive-By reporter.

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