RUSH: The NFL Today Is NOT Even About Football

RUSH: What is happening is that the National Football League today is not even about football. And that’s the big problem. Everything making news about the NFL is not what happens on the field. The things making news in the NFL are not things that are the reasons people watch or pay to attend or buy licensed merchandise or any of that. And it’s uncharted territory. The NFL has not been in this set of circumstances in a long, long time.

The NFL is used to be being loved, adored, and at the top of the sports heap, the top of the television heap, the top of everything. And now it isn’t that way at all, and it’s got some people quite uncomfortable because they can see now in finite terms that the golden goose has a limit and may in fact have laid its biggest eggs and what’s down the road isn’t what everybody thought it was gonna be. So tensions are fraying. Couple this with ESPN losing subscribers, losing viewers, man, what a reversal of fortunes. But that’s the latest on that.


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